Bostik is a leading global adhesive specialist in construction, industrial manufacturing, and consumer markets. We create innovative adhesives that make your world safer, efficient, flexible, and responsive to the dynamic challenges of daily life.

AquaStik - Glass Mosaic Tile Adhesive

AquaStik is an exceptionally high strength, fast setting adhesive that is waterproof and cement-based. It is specially developed to bond glass mosaic tiles owing to its fine fillers that ensure no sagging of the tile. It is suitable for both internal and external applications.


    • – Thick and thin bed applications
    • – High strength bond
    • – Water cleanable
    • – Non toxic
    • – Odourless
    • – Easy to spread
    • – Economical


    • – Concrete
    • – Cement render
    • – Brick and block work
    • – Swimming pools

Ultralevel SL - Self Levelling Cementitious Underlay

Ultralevel SL is a rapid-hardening self-levelling, single component cement-based underlay. Ultralevel SL has been formulated to achieve a smooth flat surface with ease of application and maximum flow without any shrinkage or cracking.


    • – Accepts foot traffic in 2 hours
    • – Can level large areas quickly
    • – Can allow for a thickness of 2mm to 120mm
    • – Single component product
    • – Can be applied directly to concrete
    • – No need for sand or cement screeds
    • – Floor covering can be applied next day


    • – Underlayment for floor coverings such as carpet, ceramic tiles, vinyl, parquetry etc.
    • – Fast repairs of uneven concrete floors
    • – Residential, commercial and medium industrial application
    • – New construction and refurbishment projects
    • – Flat smooth surfaces over existing concrete slabs
    • – Levelling existing uneven concrete floors

Seal 'N' Flex Polyurethane Construction Joint Sealant

Seal ‘N’ Flex is a low modulus, one component, Class A polyurethane sealant. When cured it will form a tough, flexible seal capable of cyclic expansion and compression movement of 100% (+- 50%) of the original joint width. Seal ‘N’ Flex is virtually unaffected by normal weathering conditions such as rain, sunlight, snow, sleet, ultra-violet radiation, ozone, atmospheric contamination and pollution. Its excellent weatherability enables it to retain its original properties after years of exposure.


    • – Insitu Concrete
    • – Precast and tilt up panels
    • – Brick & Blockwork
    • – Plasterboard
    • – Aluminium windows
    • – Granite, sandstone and marble
    • – GRC, fiberglass and specialty panel systems
    • – Metal curtain wall
    • – Water tanks
    • – Sealing contraction / longitudinal / expansion joints in concrete roads


    • – Low modulus 100% (+-50%)
    • – Excellent durability
    • – Acoustic rated
    • – One component, no mixing required
    • – Australian made
    • – Colour range
    • – Paintable (refer limitations)
    • – Non staining
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No More Nails® - Solvent based adhesive

Bostik No More Nails® is a versatile general purpose construction adhesive suitable for bonding a wide variety of building materials. No More Nails® is a gunnable, synthethic rubber based adhesive which exhibits excellent green strength, flexibility, good temperature resistance and good slump resistance for use in both interior and exterior applications.


    • – Easy to gun, easy to apply
    • – Fast grab
    • – Bonds to wide variety of construction and building materials
    • – Excellent slump resistance
    • – Interior & Exterior applications
    • – Polystyrene Safe


    • – General purpose construction adhesive
    • – As a contact adhesive for the installation of wall and floor panels
    • – Metal, timber & other sheets of plan materials to concrete, plaster or other rigid surfaces
    • – Most bonding applications where high strength, gap filing one component adhesive is required.
    • – Installation of battens or other fixings to brick, masonry or concrete walls
    • – Suitable to use on foamed polystyrene