Construction Fibers

Cem-FIL® alkali resistant (AR) glass fibers have been in use for 40 years in more than 100 countries worldwide to create some of the world’s most stunning architecture while offering strong and durable performance in widely varying cement and mortar based applications, including floorings, renders, top screeds, tunnels, utility poles,Top Glass Wool Insulation, Glass Fiber For Construction etc.

Cem-FIL® AR glass fibers are unique as a concrete reinforcement. Cem-FIL® fibers have the same specific gravity as the aggregates, so assured fiber dispersion is easier to achieve than with other fibers. Cem-FIL® fiber contributes efficiently to the tensile strength before the concrete is able to crack thanks its high Elastic Modulus, its affinity and its efficient bonding with the concrete.

Cem-FIL® fibers offer superior performance to standard fiber reinforcing with widely varying addition rates designed to meet your specific project specifications.

Cem-FIL® 60 AR Glass Fibers

Cem-FIL® 60 is a high integrity AR glass fibre chopped strand designed for premixing with other materials and the resulting mix is formed by vibration casting or other processes into molded GRC components. It can also be used as a component of repair mortars to enhance their performance.


    • – High integrity during mixing
    • – Low-Tex strand
    • – Easy incorporation
    • – High performance with low dosage
    • – Excellent reproduction of detail
    • – Good level of workability
    • – Reduced water demand compared to other fibers
    • – Improves mechanical performance of GRC elements
    • – Makes highly durable GRC elements
    • – Safe and easy to handle


The high integrity of the product makes it suitable for use in a variety of production processes including vibration-casting, pumping, spraying, or dry-blending with other materials.

Cem-FIL® 60 chopped strands are designed for ease of incorporation even at high dosage and remain integral during mixing. It is used in the manufacture of repair mortars, standard GRC components such as drainage channels or meter boxes, or in architectural applications such as decorative screen walling and ornate moldings.

Cem-FIL® 60’s hydrophobic behavior makes the mix more fluid and that ensures better compaction and easier release of trapped air.

Cem-FIL® Anti-Crak® HD - Fibers for Plastic Shrinkage Control

Anti-Crak® HD (High Dispersion) is an engineered AR-glass chopped strand designed for mixing in concrete and all hydraulic mortars. The fibers are manufactured with high Zirconium content in compliance with ASTM C1666/C 1666/M-07 and EN 15422 and under the recommendations of PCI and GRCA.


    • – High dispersion (220 million filaments per kg, 100 million per lb)
    • – Excellent workability
    • – Invisible on the finished surface
    • – Does not corrode
    • – Control and prevention of cracking in fresh concrete
    • – Overall enhancement of durability and mechanical properties of
    • – Effective at very low dosage
    • Homogeneous mix
    • Safe and easy to handle
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Anti-Crak® HD fibers are typically used at low addition level to prevent cracking & improve the performance of concrete, flooring, renders or other special mortar mixes. They incorporate easily into mixes creating a tridimensional homogeneous network of reinforcement in the matrix.

Anti-Crak® HD fibers can be added at the central mixing plant to the wet concrete mix; or directly into the ready-mix truck.

Anti-Crak® HD fibers do not protrude through the surface and require no additional finishing procedures. The reinforcement is incorporated in the concrete mass and is invisible on the finished surface.

Cem-FIL® Cem-MAT® - Continuous Reinforcement

Cem-MAT® is an engineered Alkali Resistant system available in a standard nominal weight of 120 g/m2 and different widths.

It is produced by chopping a Cem-FIL® AR-Roving and forming into a mat with a suitable binder, which dissolves with water and assists incorporation into a cement matrix. The mat has an open construction to allow penetration of cement mortar.


    • – Alkali resistant glass
    • – Allows thinner layers of concrete (5 to 25) mm
    • – Control of short and long-term cracking in the concrete
    • – Fast use: one step placement
    • – Will not corrode
    • – Very easy incorporation into the matrix
    • – Very good impregnation in the mortor
    • – Safe and easy to handle


Cem-MAT® is designed for use in the reinforcement of very thin layers (5 to 25 mm), to reinforce precast elements or screeds and around posts where stress is concentrated. It may be used with regular self leveling mortars or with optimized mixes.

AR fibers have a high elastic modulus and tensile strength making them ideal as an effective reinforcement for cement matrices. It will not rot or corrode, and is unaffected by UV radiation, making it suitable for use with minimal cover.

Cem-FIL® Anti-Crak® HP 67/36 - Macro Glass fiber

Anti-Crak® HP 67/36 is a “High Performance” Alkali Resistant glass macro fiber, engineered to reinforce against plastic, thermal and drying shrinkage cracking. Anti-Crak® HP 67/36 increases flexural strength and ductility, and adds toughness, impact and fatigue resistance to the concrete. Anti-Crak® HP 67/36 can be used as secondary reinforcement and in specific applications also as primary reinforcement.

Anti-Crak® HP 67/36 disperses quickly and evenly throughout the concrete matrix, because the specific gravity is similar to the aggregates used in concrete. This inherent characteristic of glass guarantees high fiber performance throughout the concrete mass.


    • – Control & prevention of cracking in fresh & hard concrete
    • – Improves mechanical properties of hardened concrete
    • – Fast and uniform dispersion during blending
    • – Will not affect concrete pumpability
    • – Allows for high dosages without affecting the workability
    • – Will not corrode
    • – No additional water demand
    • – Easy to handle


Anti-Crak® HP 67/36 has been specifically designed to replace secondary and primary reinforcement (welded wire reinforcement, light rebar, steel and synthetic fibers) in residential, commercial and industrial slabs-on-ground, compression layers, pavements and precast concrete.