Sayerlack Wood Coatings

Sayerlack PU-based Wood Coatings


    • – Excellent gloss retention due to high composition of both chemicals compounds in base coat
    • – Finish is hard but elastic and resistant to scratch, heat and chemicals
    • – Can be applied in any weather condition
    • – Can be packed for transport after 8 hours of application
    • – Excellent finish with minimum number of coatings
    • – Lasts longer due to minimal sinkage
    • – Ideal for indoor finishes

Sayerlack Water-borne Wood Coatings

With Hydroplus waterborne coatings, the life of coated wood joinery has considerably increased. These products are designed for the reduction of water absorption and protection from the sun’s radiation and they ensure several advantages in terms of outdoor resistance and solvent emission reduction.

Durability of these products on outdoor exposure joinery is superior. Unlike solvent products, waterborne products maintain their elasticity over time, which allows the coating’s film to follow the wood’s movement without cracking or flaking.

Waterborne coatings are not flammable, can be thinned with tap water, allow fast coating systems without spontaneous combustion and lifting.


    • – Low impact on the environment
    • – Not flammable
    • – Equipment can be washed with water
    • – Short drying time
    • – Durability on outdoor exposure
    • – Gloss retention
    • – Non-yellowing film
    • – Resistance to skin formation
    • – Maintains its elasticity on ageing
    • – Lifting resistance (over-coatability)
    • – No spontaneous combustion
    • – Topcoats high thixotropy