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NOVELIO Wall Coverings

Novelio®, a full range of paintable wall coverings

We offer a wide range of woven and non woven paintable wall coverings made of glass fiber for protection and decoration of walls and ceilings. Our products can be used in new construction: their high mechanical resistance prevents cracks from appearing and in renovation: they easily cover easily cracks and walls irregularities. We developed a soft touch coating that make our products friendly to apply and to handle. We continue to develop innovative solutions to save application time (EasyPaint, EasyGlue, EasyFix) and to offer better living conditions to the end user. (Clean Air, Mold X, Thermal, Acoustic)


  • Protect your walls with a decorative product in high traffic areas
  • Renovate quickly your old walls and ceilings
  • Benefits

  • For the end user: durable protection of walls and ceilings, better living conditions
  • For the applicator: a product that performs well and easy to install
  • Certification

    Fiberglass based wall coverings are the best performing solution for wall protection and decoration

    Fiberglass Cellulose Cellulose PES
    Application Tear resistance *** * **
    Easy cutting *** * *
    Easily movable *** * *
    Application ease * *** ***
    No toxicity *** *** ***
    End User Crack Prevention *** * **
    Abrasion resistance *** * **
    Permeability *** *** ***
    Mold protection ** * *
    Re-paintable ** ** **
    Lifetime *** * **
    Fire resistant *** *** ***
    Oeko-Tex *** ** **

    Tests available on request


    Novelio® products are the ideal solution in new construction for areas with a lot of traffic:

  • Non residential buildings: Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, Offices, Administrative buildings
  • Residential buildings (corridors, rented flats or houses)
  • Novelio® products are also an optimal solution in renovation to cover old and cracked walls (light renovation: standard range, heavier renovation: renovation range)


    For the end user:

  • Durable protection for walls and ceilings:
  • Strengthens fragile surfaces
  • Resists abrasion
  • Prevents small cracks from appearing on the wall
  • Allows fast wall renovation (covers old cracks, smoothes irregular walls)
  • High permeability – allows walls to breathe
  • Easily re-paintable
  • Long lasting
  • For the applicators:


  • Excellent fire resistance – all products fulfill B - s1 - d0 (EN 13501-1, A1 and A2 boards)
  • Oeko-Tex certified – products fulfill Standard 100, class I (no harmful substances)
  • FDES – environmental impact assessment
  • Easy application
  • Bend around corners without any cracks
  • High compatibility with vinyl glue
  • Easy to cut
  • No irritation (soft touch coating)
  • No toxicity (produced from natural materials)